Your Tax Dollars at Work

We know when it is a Congressional election year.  Like clockwork, in the mail arrives a letter from Maine Second District Representative Bruce Poliquin.  The envelope boldly declares:

“Public Document  Official Business.”

At first the letter is a puzzle.  What “official business” do we have with this office?

Then we remember.  Mr. Poliquin uses the prerogatives of office to send out campaign materials using public funds.  The only time we hear from him in this way is before a Congressional election.   Sure enough, enclosed was a self-congratulatory letter lauding his defense of Medicare and Social Security.  (Did we get this particular “public document” because we are of a certain age?)

Why are Members of Congress able to use public dollars to mail constituents what can only be understood as campaign literature?   Does this obviously inappropriate use of taxpayers’ resources reflect his larger disregard for the careful use of our hard-earned funds?  I am happy to pay my Federal income taxes to support the common good.  I am not so happy to see those tax dollars fund Mr. Poliquin’s reelection campaign.

The closing of the letter extended Mr. Poliquin’s  “Best Wishes.”   My best wish is that he not use the power of his public office, held in trust, to fund a political campaign.

Mark W. Anderson

About Mark W. Anderson

I am proud to be a Mainer, born in Caribou and schooled at Brewer High School, Bowdoin College, and the University of Maine. I am grateful for a 35 year career at UMaine, the last decade in the School of Economics.